Custom Insurance Packages

We understand that all of our clients have different needs. Often times we work to develop custom insurance packages that provide you with all the coverage that you need and exclude all the ones you don't saving you, your family, and your business precious time and money while still providing all the safety and security desire from your insurance company. Our vast knowledge of the industry, expansive network, and tested negotiation skills are proven to be able to build the perfect plan for you.

Auto Insurance

The correct auto insurance policy will help you get back on the road as soon as possible after your car has been damaged in an accident, fire, theft, or any other event covered by your insurance policy. Your policy may also protect you against medical and legal expenses that are a result from injury, loss of life, or property damage cause by an accident involving your vehicle.

An auto insurance policy is a contract that is between you and your insurance company. You pay a premium and in exchange, the insurance company promises to pay for specific car-related financial related losses for the duration of the policy. We are able to help determine the best coverage for your needs.

What auto insurance is right for you?
Auto insurance requirements will vary by states. In some states you must carry:
  • Liability coverage to pay for losses you cause for others.
  • No-fault coverage to pay you and your passengers for medical and related expenses caused by injuries from a car accident, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Both liability and no-fault coverage.
We will be happy to help you ensure you will have the right car insurance coverage.
  • Collision Insurance-Collision coverage will pay for the damage that is cause to your vehicle in an accident. Standard collision coverage will pay for any of the repairs up to the fair market value of your car. Collision coverage usually also comes with an insurance deductible. It's the amount of money you will pay toward the repairs before your collision insurance begins. The higher the deductible you are willing to pay, the less collision coverage will cost.
  • Comprehensive Insurance-Comprehensive insurance covers the damage that is done to your vehicle in a way other than collision, such as theft or being vandalized. Flood, theft, hurricane, windshield damage, and fire damage are also events usually covered by comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive, like collision, will pay up to the fair market value of your vehicle (less insurance deductible). Although not typically required by state, you may need if it your vehicle is financed.

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

We will help make your time out on the water relaxing and free of worries. We are able to find you a comprehensive plan that protects you, your watercraft, along with your friends and family. The average boat costs less than $1 per day to insure. You will be able to enjoy a day out on the water when you are no longer worried about the safety of yourself, your friends, or your investment.

Having trouble knowing what to look for in a watercraft insurance policy? We will help you determine the right amount of coverage to meed your individualized needs. 
  • Liability-Similar to car insurance, personal liability coverage will provide coverage to the boat owners and other boaters in the event you are at fault for an accident on the water. Liability coverage will pay to repair or replace the property, medical care, lost wages, and other costs of someone else due to the result that your are at fault in the boating accident.
  • Medical Payments-Medical payment coverage will pay for the cost of the needed care that is the result of the boating accident. We will cover not only you, but your passengers, and even your water skiers, tubers, regardless of the person at fault.
  • Physical Damage Coverage-Physical damage coverage will not only pay for the cost to repair or replace your watercraft, but its motor, any of the permanently attached equipment, as well as the trailer if it is either stolen or damaged.
  • Personal Effects-Your policy may also provide coverage for many different personal effects, which may include; clothing, jewelry, cell phones, sporting equipment, fishing equipment, and even scuba/snorkeling equipment. Limits are subject to change by state, so be sure to check what is required in Kentucky. Personal effects coverage does not include jewelry, watches or furs.
  • Unattached Equipment Coverage-This will pay for the repairs or to replace equipment that isn't permanently attached to your watercraft but has a primary use on the boat. This category may include lifesaving equipment, water skis, anchors, oars, fire extinguishers, tarps etc.
  • Emergency Assistance-The Emergency Assistance Package will provide coverage for towing, labor and delivery of gas, oil or loaned battery if the watercraft is disable while on the water.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is unique. Your condo insurance policy will cover your personal property and liability, including any additions/alterations and/or improvements you have made to your unit that are your responsibility based on the condo association agreement. Condo Insurance provides coverage for your personal property and much more. For just a few more dollars, you may elect to have Full Value Personal Property which will ensure that you will be reimbursed full replacement value without regard for depreciation after a covered loss.

Your condo insurance policy will protect you and your family members against bodily harm/injury and property damage liability claims and any litigation that may be the result which is subject to the limits you select. In addition, you are also able to select medical payments coverage which will pay for the medical expenses incurred by a visitor who was injured at your residence regardless of fault. Various limits are available.

Business Insurance

We understand local businesses. We take pride in giving you all of the necessary options with numerous insurance companies and comparing the protection and prices to find the best value for your business.

Commercial & Business Insurance Products
  • General Liability Insurance- Broad insurance coverage for your business and its activities.
  • Commercial Property Insurance- Protect your business with insurance for your commercial property.
  • Business Auto Insurance- Coverage for your business vehicles
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance- Insurance coverage that protects rising costs of lawsuits.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance- Insurance that helps take care of your employees.
  • Bonds- Protection for your assets with financial backups made by others.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is the center of your daily life and is quite possibly your most valuable asset. When your home becomes destroyed or damaged, you need your claim settled by an insurance company that understands. We can help you find the home insurance that will best meet your needs and provide the most valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality service and fair pricing.

The amount you pay for your home owners insurance depends on numerous factors. Keep in mind your personal housing situation, and the assets you want to protect.
  • Protection for your home- Property or Dwelling Coverage typically pays to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed by an insured like a kitchen fire or windstorm.
  • Protection for you and others- Personal Liability Coverage applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame. The coverage will generally apply anywhere in the world. When choosing your liability limits, consider things like how much money your make and the assets you own. Your personal liability coverage should be high enough your assets if you are sued.
  • Medical coverage- This coverage will will cover the medical expenses for your guests if they are injured on your property, and in some cases, will also cover people who are injured off of your property. It does not cover health care costs for you or other members of your household.
  • Additional living expenses- If you are not able to live in your home due to a covered loss, your home insurance policy will pay for the additional living expenses while damage is assessed and your home is built or repaired.
  • Protection of your belongings- Your home is most likely filled with furniture, electronics, clothing, along with other items that mean a lot to you. Personal property insurance will help replace these items if they are lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of a covered loss.
  • Scheduled personal property coverage- If you have certain special possessions such as jewelry, antiques, pieces of art, or collectibles that have sentimental value then you may want to ask Isaacs Insurance about this additional coverage. It will be able to provide broader coverage for specific items.

Flood Insurance

Due to standard home insurance doesn't cover flooding, it's important to have protection from floods that can be associated with hurricanes, heavy rains, tropical storms, or other conditions that may impact you. In 1968, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to help provide a means for property owners to financially protect themselves. The NFIP will offer flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners if their community participates in the NFIP.

Flood insurance will protect two types of insurable property: building and contents. The first will cover your building and the second will cover your possessions, but neither will cover the land that they occupy.
Building Coverage
  • The insured building and the foundation of the building.
  • The electrical and plumbing.
  • Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning equipment.
  • Refrigerators, built-in appliances, and stoves.
  • Permanently installed carpeting over unfinished flooring.
Contents Coverage
  • Furniture, clothing, and electronic equipment.
  • Curtains.
  • Window and portable air conditioners.
  • Portable microwaves and dishwashers.
  • Carpeting that is not already included in property coverage.
  • Clothing washers and dryers.

Motorcycle Insurance

One of the greatest advantages of having motorcycle insurance through a major insurance company that we represent, is that you may save money by having more than one policy with us. Our agency will be able to you calculate how much money you are able to save. You may also be able to save money on your premiums if your motorcycle is stored in a garage, if you belong to certain rider groups, or if you have taken a safe rider course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

You can pick the motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your needs. Most insurance companies offer underlying liability limits high enough to satisfy your Personal Umbrella requirements, which means that you may be eligible for this additional coverage. In many states, Guest Passenger liability; which is mandatory on all street bikes, is automatically included at the same limits as your liability selection. We work with multiple insurance companies so we can provide you with multiple insurance coverage options at affordable rates.

Medical coverage for your motorcycle will cover certain necessary medical expesnses for you and any passenger that are the result of an accident.

Life Insurance

Having the proper life insurance is pivotal in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. Life insurance will help ensure that your family will be safe and secure when you are gone.  Don't leave the future of you and your loved ones to change. We are able to help you find the correct life insurance coverage for you and able to help ensure that your policy meets your needs.

For each our neighbors, each life insurance policy will be unique and dependent on your personal and financial needs. As your life continues to change, your coverage may also need to change to match your needs. 
These changes may include:
  • A recent marriage or divorce.
  • New children or grandchildren.
  • Planning for your children or grandchildren's education.
  • You or your spouse's health has deteriorated.
  • Your children or grandchildren need assistance or long-term assistance.
  • You or your spouse has recently received an inheritance.
  • You have a sizable estate.
  • You have refinanced your home mortgage in the past six months.
  • You are providing care or financial assistance to a parent.
  • You are concerned about your retirement income.

RV Insurance

RV insurance will be able to protect your motor home, travel trailer, camper or even your horse trailer. We will help you select the right coverage for your RV needs and will also receive a great price at the same time. We will also allow you to compare with multiple companies to make sure that your getting the best price for you.
  • Liability coverage will provide you with bodily injury and property damage coverage, medical payments, uninsured coverage, and much more. Coverage will also vary by state.
  • You may also choose how your Comprehensive and Collision coverage will be settled in the event of a covered total loss. Options that will be available are:  - Stated Value- market value/actual value of the RV.  Agreed Value- the insured amount, regardless of the current market value. Replacement Cost- replace your insured RV with a new RV very similar to it.
  • Personal Effect Coverage will provide the replacement costs for damage or loss to the items normally used with your RV when physical coverage is selected.
  • Roadside Assistance may also include 24/7 assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident. Some may even allow you to upgrade the coverage to include lodging, transportation, and even meal coverage if necessary.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage will pay for medical care and physical rehabilitation of employees injured at work and will help to replace the lost wages while they are unable to physically work. Furthermore, this coverage will protect and employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases. We can help your business find complete solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs. We will help you find your solutions that create safer and more productive workplaces, more confident and secure workers, and overall savings that you will see on the bottom line. Coverage for your office workers using their own vehicles on company business if often needed as well. If you have, if is absolutely imperative that you consider workers compensation coverage. 
Some Workers Comp coverage can include:
  • Innovative payment systems
  • Medical disability case managers
  • Utilization management nurses
  • Certified life care planning nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation consultants
  • Physician consulting services
  • Legal staff
  • Contracts with medical network providers
  • Managed prescription drug program

Umbrella Insurance

To feel secure about your assets and your future, you may need the extra level of protection provided by a personal umbrella liability insurance policy. An umbrella policy provides many additional layers of liability protection. If the liability limits are exhausted on your home, auto, or other underlying policies, your umbrella insurance policy will take over and provide you with additional protection. The cost will be minimal compared to the comfort of knowing that you’re covered. If you were to imagine what would happen if your dog dog was to bite a neighbor’s child, or if there was an accident on your property, would you be covered? That’s what Isaacs Insurance is here to help with. If these were to happen to you, there is a good chance that your liability limits will not adequately cover your assets or even your future earnings.

Once the limits on your liability are exhausted on your home, auto, or other policy, your umbrella policy will take over and provide a second layer of protection of a least $1,000,000. Higher limits may also be available. An umbrella insurance policy will also pay some of the claims not covered by your home, auto, or other underlying insurance. The policy covers not just you, your spouse and all family members that are living in your household, anywhere in the world. Legal defense fees will also be paid for.

Renters Insurance

You have numerous items that are important you; whether if be your clothes, furniture, your electronics, or sports equipment. We want to make sure that you are able to feel confident that everything you have worked for is safe. We will help you find coverage options that protect you, your family, along with your personal property. We will make sure that you’re properly covered. Your renters insurance policy will cover your personal property against theft and/damage which is subject to the limits of the deductibles that you select. The coverage will be applied even if you are away from home.

For a small additional premium, you will be able to choose to carry the full value coverage on your personal property, which in turn will ensure that you will be paid the full replacement cost of items that are damaged or stolen without deduction for depreciation. The renters insurance policy that your select also protects you and your family against certain bodily injury and even property damage claims which you are liable. Legal defense is also provided in the event you are sued after a covered loss, which is also subject to the limits you have selected.

Additionally, you are able to select medical payments coverage which will pay for the medical expenses that are incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of who is at fault. Numerous limits are available. We will be able to find you the right amount of coverage to suit your insurance needs.

Whether you are starting, between homes, or even downsizing, we will help you pick the renters insurance coverage that will best fit your needs.
Call us today at (606) 679-1590 to learn what we can do for you!
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